New Twist As Madam Boss’ Lawyer Represents Teen Accused Of Leaking Fifi’s Nudes
17 April 2024
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By A Correspondent| In a surprising turn of events, Fifi’s ex-boyfriend Amir Mhaka has enlisted the services of Admire Rubaya who is the lawyer to Mai Titi’s rival comedienne Madam Boss.

Mhaka who appeared before Harare Magistrate Caroline Matanga on Tuesday was not asked to plead to the allegations and was remanded out of custody to May 15 on US$50 bail.

Rubaya who was being assisted by Mr Malvern Mapako told Magistrate Matanga that Mai Titi’s daughter, Fifi (18) should be arrested for recording, possession and distributing her nude pictures for popularity purposes.

Rubaya told the court that the complainant, Fifi, should face the music first before the State seeks to “persecute an innocent young man.”

He told the court that his client never received any of the alleged nude images from the girl and if anything “the complainant should be arrested for possession and distribution of the ponographic pictures for popularity purposes.”

It is alleged Fifi sent her nudes to Mhaka during their relationship and when it ended he allegedly began threatening to leak them.

Allegations are that Fifi got into another relationship which irked Mhaka before the images found themselves on social media.

The State says when she was alerted about her nude pictures on social media, she identified them as the ones she sent to Mhaka only.

The teen’s lawyer said there is no case against him to warrant a trial and they will be making an application for exception.

He said there is nothing linking Mhaka to the allegations.

“There is no evidence that he received the pictures and in fact, he actually denies receiving them. The State alleges that the complainant sent the images to the accused but there is no evidence that he received them.

“There is also no evidence that he distributed or circulated the pictures online because there ought to be a handle and name under which they were posted. There is also no evidence that he did it through a cellphone or a laptop.

“The complainant should be the one to be arrested for possession and distribution of the pornographic pictures for popularity purposes before the State can persecute an innocent young man” Rubaya told the court.

The State represented by Mandirasa Chigumira and Nomsa Kangara said they have a case against Mhaka and believe they will secure a conviction.

They said they will be ready to argue on the day when the defence makes the application.