Mnangagwa Starves Aides On Independence Day
19 April 2024
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By Political Reporter- Zanu PF President Emerson Mnangagwa Thursday denied fuel and accommodation to senior party officials who attended this year’s Independence Day celebrations. 

The main festivities unfolded at Murambinda growth point in Buhera, Manicaland Province.

Traditionally, ZANU PF central committee members have enjoyed perks such as fuel and accommodation during national events. 

However, a message dispatched from the party’s national headquarters through provincial offices dashed these expectations. 

It stated that there would be no provision for accommodation, fuel, or bus fare refunds.

The directive urged attendees to utilise allocated buses, coordinating with local district coordinators for pick-up points and routes.

 While party insiders attributed the decision to budget constraints and prioritisation of urgent matters, some officials perceived it as a betrayal, given their contributions to the party’s electoral success last year.

Farai Marapira, ZANU PF’s director for information, attempted to downplay the situation, suggesting a mere “glitch” in the process. He asserted the party’s historical commitment to catering to its leadership, claiming that central committee members and all others are attended to “professionally and fully.”

However, discontent among party members simmered, exacerbated by reports of extravagant spending by ZANU PF leaders while the party’s grassroots supporters struggle in poverty. A report presented at the 7th ZANU PF National People’s Conference in 2023 highlighted a stark contrast, revealing a significant increase in the party’s vehicle fleet from 45 to 531 since 2017.

Earlier this month, revelations by ZANU PF chief whip Pupurai Togarepi further underscored the discord, as legislators resorted to sleeping in cars during parliamentary business due to a lack of funds for hotel accommodations, highlighting broader financial challenges within the party.