Tshabangu Spotted With Mnangagwa In Buhera 
19 April 2024
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By Political Reporter- Self-imposed interim Secretary-General of the CCC, Sengezo Tshabangu, was Thursday seen in Buhera at the 44th Uhuru celebrations alongside President Mnangagwa.

Tshabangu attended the Uhuru commemorations whose event was blocked Bulawayo’s Mayor David Coltart, aligned with Nelson Chamisa, from attending.

Tshabangu, purportedly utilized by Zanu PF to sow discord within the CCC earlier this year, has been seen in close proximity to Mnangagwa on multiple occasions since Chamisa’s departure from the party, suggesting an alignment with the ruling party.

Despite Zanu PF’s denial of involvement in opposition rifts leading to Chamisa’s resignation, Tshabangu’s frequent encounters with Mnangagwa underscore a burgeoning alliance.

Addressing journalists at the Uhuru commemorations, Tshabangu affirmed his commitment to attending national events.

Meanwhile, in a message relayed to councillors, Coltart lamented the exclusion of the Mayor’s office from government-invited functions, citing recent instances of snubs, including a Business Expo where the Mayor’s office was disregarded. 

Coltart vowed not to tolerate such disrespect again, ensuring that appropriate government officials are personally invited to events under his purview, demanding due respect for the office of the Mayor.

The message reads:

 “Councillors, I must elucidate my stance regarding today’s Independence Day celebrations. While a general notice has been disseminated to councilors, the Mayor’s office has regrettably been omitted from government invitations. This omission reflects a lack of basic courtesy towards the office, not just towards me personally. I’ve been informed that Mayors have endured similar snubs in recent years, leading to their eventual absence from Independence Day commemorations. While I remain hopeful that such mistreatment has ceased, I refuse to permit its recurrence. Just weeks ago, I witnessed the Mayor’s office being disregarded at a Business Expo, prompting my protest and departure. I refuse to allow such denigration of the Mayor’s office again. I’ve taken measures to ensure that at events under my jurisdiction, government officials are extended personal invitations, and I expect similar respect for the Mayor’s office in the future. I appreciate your attendance at this national celebration, and my thoughts are with you all. God bless Zimbabwe.”