Chiwenga Pulls Trigger On Chamisa
22 April 2024
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By Political Reporter- By Political Reporter – Constantino Chiwenga, the former military chief and Vice President of Zanu PF has set his sights on opposition figure Nelson Chamisa, calling on him to abandon his solitary path and join the ruling party.

VP Chiwenga’s remarks came during a rally held at Chikurubi Damview, where he didn’t mince words in addressing Chamisa’s political stance. 

“He then came with his CCC saying let the young man, what does he enter?, his only role is that of herding goats,” Chiwenga remarked, highlighting what he perceived as Chamisa’s lack of substantive political engagement.

Further pressing his point, Chiwenga emphasized the necessity for Chamisa to align his ambitions with Zanu PF. “If he has ambition, he must execute it while inside the good party that fulfills the wishes of the people,” Chiwenga asserted. He continued, “If you’ve decided to do politics, you must join others, not remain lonely.”

Chamisa, the former leader of the opposition CCC has been a vocal critic of the ruling party’s policies and leadership.

 However, Chiwenga’s call for Chamisa to switch allegiances underscores the ongoing political tensions in Zimbabwe, where the divide between the ruling party and the opposition remains deep-seated.

As Chiwenga’s words reverberate across the political landscape, Chamisa’s response and the potential ramifications of his decision will be closely watched by Zimbabwean citizens and observers alike.