Chamisa Ally Arrested Over 2023 Election Incident
24 April 2024
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By Political Reporter- Tinei Mapepa, a prominent member of the opposition and former Mwenezi District Organizer for the Citizen Coalition for Change (CCC), led by Nelson Chamisa, has been apprehended.

Mapepa was summoned to appear at the Masvingo Magistrate Courts regarding the Rutenga political upheaval that unfolded last year during the lead-up to the harmonized elections.

The altercation occurred when Chamisa’s supporters clashed with law enforcement on July 23, 2023, at Rutenga, prompting the police to employ teargas canisters to disperse the awaiting CCC supporters.

According to the summons obtained by TellZim News, Mapepa, who was organizing the Rutenga CCC rally at the time, was required to appear at the Masvingo Magistrates Court on April 22 to respond to allegations of incitement.

“You are required to summon Tinei Mapepa of No. 67 Muzhanje Ranch, Mwenezi cell to appear personally before this court at Masvingo Magistrates court on the 22nd day of April 2024 at 0800hrs to answer to allegations raised on the charge of Incitement as defined in the Criminal Law Codification and Reform Act CH9.23,” reads the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) summons.

In an interview, Mapepa, who now backs the Blue Movement allegedly led by Chamisa, denied any wrongdoing, attributing the accusations to an attempt to intimidate rural communities that challenge Zanu PF.

“As President Chamisa’s supporters, we committed no offense on the day in question and everything we did was within the confines of the law. The whole idea behind these arrests is to instil fear and silence those who do not hesitate to point out Zanu PF’s failure in remote areas like ours,” said Mapepa.

Following a delay in Chamisa’s arrival at the Rutenga Growth Point Rally venue, police instructed CCC supporters to disperse. However, the crowd remained steadfast, insisting on waiting for their leader.

This led to clashes between riot police and CCC supporters, with police resorting to teargas and warning shots, while some supporters retaliated by throwing stones.

Chamisa eventually arrived at the growth point later in the evening to find his supporters still waiting, despite earlier teargas dispersal. He briefly addressed them before continuing to Ngundu Growth Point, where further clashes ensued between CCC supporters and law enforcement personnel who attempted to disperse them with teargas canisters. – Source: TellZimNews