Scandal Rocks Manicaland Diocese As Reverend Is Arrested for Alleged Gun Threat
25 April 2024
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In a shocking turn of events, Reverend Danisa Muchichwa, a prominent figure in the Manicaland Diocese and a close confidant of controversial Bishop Eric Ruwona, has been apprehended for allegedly brandishing a firearm at his lover’s husband.

Reports reaching The Midweek Watch indicate that Rev. Muchichwa was confronted by Lovemore Mandimutsira, the husband of Sylvia Dapira, after a tip-off suggesting an illicit rendezvous between the Reverend and Mrs. Dapira at Mutare Sports Club, located opposite the Anglican Diocese offices, on Tuesday morning.

When cornered by Mandimutsira, Rev. Muchichwa purportedly drew a pistol, prompting Mandimutsira to flee in fear for his life, with the Reverend giving chase. Law enforcement officers swiftly intervened, arresting the Reverend just outside the Sports Club. He is currently in police custody.

This is not the first time Rev. Muchichwa’s name has been linked to controversy involving Mrs. Dapira. Sources reveal that three years ago, he was caught in a compromising situation with the same woman by her husband. Allegedly, Bishop Ruwona intervened, and a hefty sum of US$10,000 was paid to keep the matter under wraps, as the Church was then grappling with negative publicity due to corruption allegations.

The timing of this scandal couldn’t be worse for the Anglican Church, which has recently been embroiled in a fees dispute that led to protests at one of its premier schools in the province, St. Faith, spearheaded by its students.