Masvingo Bus Accident: 16 Killed
27 April 2024
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By Farai D Hove | Police report the aftermath of a road accident on the 26th of April along the Harare-Masvingo Road that has now claimed 16 lives.

“We are dealing with a terrible tragedy,” stated Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi.

“Our officers responded to a collision at the 52-kilometer peg on the Harare-Masvingo Road that involved multiple vehicles, including a haulage truck and a passenger bus carrying church members,” he continued.

The fatal accident involved a haulage truck striking a VW Polo from behind and then colliding head-on with a Mercedes Benz Sprinter bus, which was transporting 44 members of the Angels Family Apostolic Church to the Makumumavi Shrine. “It’s a devastating blow to the community,” Nyathi expressed.

A poignant detail in the wake of the disaster is the identification of victims, with the police releasing the names of eleven of the sixteen deceased. The list includes young children and adults alike, such as Kelly Kwenda, a three-year-old girl, and Decision Maizivei, a 26-year-old man, painting a stark picture of the loss.

“In the wake of this incident, our message to the public is clear: abide by the road rules and regulations. Your safety and the safety of others depend on it,” Nyathi urged, highlighting the importance of road safety.

Investigations are ongoing, and the Zimbabwe Republic Police has vowed to provide updates as more information becomes available. In the meantime, the Assistant Commissioner has extended condolences to the families and implored motorists to exercise caution and respect for traffic laws to prevent future tragedies.