Madam Boss Directs Felistas To Scotland-Flight Humiliation After Blood Sister Was Threatened By Mura On LIVE
29 April 2024
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By Lesley Dube | ZimEye | In a fiery statement delivered from inside detention at Heathrow Airport, ZANU PF socialite Mai Titi vehemently declared her refusal to repay a reported £30,000 debt to a woman who allegedly reported her for an immigration offense.

Her statement comes at a time when more complaints were ganging up at the time of writing to file more reports against her while she is inside the detention at the London airport, Heathrow.

Mai Titi

Mai Titi’s impassioned speech addressed a myriad of issues, including financial matters and personal grievances. She vehemently denied any intention of repaying the debt, asserting that she had already suffered significant losses due to a previous theft.

“I sold the trucks and I also sold the car that I had. I sold them on Facebook right here. I even sold the Mercedes-Benz that I had because I was trying to cover things behind the scenes, not cover the money but cover the 30,000 that had been stolen by the thief I lost everything…” she stated.

She then delved into the intricate details of her financial struggles, alleging mismanagement and deceit by various individuals. Mai Titi accused her creditor, Mildred, of betrayal and collaboration with others against her.

The socialite spared no words in her scathing critique of Mildred, labeling her as deceitful and promiscuous. She also criticized Mildred’s alleged involvement in gossip and personal attacks.

Mai Titi adamantly refused to acknowledge any debt owed to Mildred, dismissing her claims as baseless. She challenged Mildred’s character and credibility, asserting her own superiority and success as a single mother.

Furthermore, Mai Titi questioned Mildred’s motives and accused her of attempting to sabotage her life and career. She pledged to fight back against Mildred’s actions and to uphold her own reputation and integrity.

The dramatic declaration from Mai Titi, delivered amidst a tense atmosphere at Heathrow Airport, marks the latest development in a saga rife with personal conflicts and financial disputes. As tensions continue to escalate, the fallout from Mai Titi’s statement is sure to reverberate across social and political circles in Zimbabwe. Stay tuned for further updates on this unfolding story.- ZimEye