Redcliff Municipality Achieves Historic 50/50 Gender Parity in Recent Election
2 May 2024
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Redcliff, Zimbabwe— In a landmark achievement for gender equality, Redcliff Municipality has reached a 50/50 gender parity following the election and subsequent swearing-in of Councillor Christine Sigauke. This marks the municipality as the first local authority under the Second Republic, led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa, to achieve such parity.

The recent elections brought six female councillors to office, aligning with six male colleagues to fulfill the government’s vision of gender balance in local governance. This balance has been bolstered by the Second Republic’s policy initiative that mandates at least 30 percent female representation in local authorities.

Councillor Sigauke’s victory in the Ward 3 by-election on April 6 was pivotal in achieving this milestone. She triumphed over opposition candidate Tinei Siziba, representing the ruling Zanu-PF party. The seat was previously held by Mayor Clayton Masiyatsva, who passed away in January due to illness.

Alongside Sigauke’s election, Redcliff’s government saw other significant appointments, including Alderman Vincent Masiiwa stepping in as mayor and Councillor Fortunate Makawa being named deputy mayor.

Kwekwe District Development Coordinator, Mr. Fortune Mpungu, lauded this achievement, emphasizing its significance for the district and the broader agenda of women’s empowerment. “Redcliff Municipality has set a precedent, not only in Zimbabwe but potentially in the region, by actualizing the envisioned gender parity,” stated Mr. Mpungu.

Mr. Mpungu also used this occasion to remind the new councillors of their responsibilities towards good governance and the aspirations of the Redcliff community. He expressed hopes for the municipality to advance towards achieving city status by 2030, underlining the necessity for all councillors to actively engage and deliver on public expectations of improved infrastructure and services.

The success of Redcliff Municipality in achieving gender parity is seen as a critical step forward in enhancing women’s participation in governance and decision-making processes across Zimbabwe, providing a model for other local authorities to follow.- ZIANA