Govt Says Schools Are Making A Happy Ziggy Opening
6 May 2024
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Schools Open Amidst Currency Concerns

As schools across the nation gear up for the start of the second term, the Government has announced that everything is okay as schools make a Zig-money opening today.

“In line with the law, parents can pay fees and levies in the currency of their choice,” assured government officials. “We have taken steps to ensure smooth operations and the safety of students traveling back to their schools.”

“With the reopening of schools, we direct educational institutions to accept payment in ZiG as part of the acceptable basket of currencies,” emphasized authorities. “We are committed to upholding the multi-currency system.”

“We are ready for the new term,” affirmed Primary and Secondary Education Permanent Secretary, Mr. Moses Mhike. “All schools in the country are prepared for the reopening, and Zimsec is ready for the upcoming June examinations.”

However, concerns have been raised regarding private schools’ refusal to accept ZiG as a form of payment. “School authorities are expected to abide by the pronouncement made by the RBZ in terms of the new currency that has been introduced,” warned Mr. Mhike. “Any school heads who defy this directive will have disciplinary measures taken against them.”

Parents have echoed the sentiment, urging the Government to ensure that schools accept payment in ZiG. “Government should ensure that schools accept all forms of payment,” emphasized one parent.

As schools open their doors for the new term, stakeholders are reminded to prioritize safety and adhere to regulations to ensure a successful academic year ahead.