South Africa’s Main Opposition Burns National Flag
6 May 2024
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By -South Africa’s main opposition, the Democratic Alliance (DA), has come under fire from several quarters for its latest election advert.

The short advert shows an image of the South African flag going up in flames.

The advert was launched at the party’s headquarters in Johannesburg on Sunday evening.

It has since been published on various social media platforms.

Addressing the media on Sunday evening, DA leader John Steenhuisen said the party wanted to convey an urgent warning on the perils faced by the country’s constitutional democracy.

“What you will see in this advertisement is a symbolic representation of the future that awaits South Africa if people do not vote for the DA.

“It is a warning of what this country’s future will look like under a Doomsday Coalition between the ANC, the EFF, and perhaps also MK and mercenary small parties like the Patriotic Alliance,” said  Steenhuisen.

In the advert, a voiceover can be heard warning of South Africa’s demise under an ANC and EFF coalition.

Steenhuisen believes the ANC, EFF and the Zuma faction could decide to work together after the 2024 elections, making things worse for South Africa.

“The Doomsday Coalition will expropriate property without compensation and abolish private property rights. The Doomsday Coalition will nationalise and destroy foreign investment, businesses, banks and mines.

“The Doomsday Coalition will plunge this country into ethnic and racial conflict the likes of which it has never witnessed before. The cold, hard truth is that the Doomsday Coalition between the ANC and EFF has already taken over Johannesburg and Ekurhuleni with the help of its little proxies.

“Next year, it will be knocking on the doors of the Union Buildings.

“This is a fact that should send shivers down the spines of every patriot and freedom-loving person in this country,” said Steenhuisen.

The advert did not land well with South Africans, who felt like the DA was disrespecting the flag.

Former Public Protector Thuli Madonsela was amongst the first people to comment, saying the burning of the flag was ill-advised.

“It seems to show disrespect and disloyalty to the flag, which to many of us is more than a flag but a symbol of triumph against apartheid, In some countries, it’s even a crime to burn the flag,” said Madonsela.