Lungu Louds Putin, As The Former Zambian President Prepares For A Come Back
8 May 2024
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By Political Correspondent- Former Zambian President Edgar Lungu has pledged his allegiance to the Russian head of State, Vladimir Putin and said that he would forever support his administration.

Lungu was defeated in the 2021 Presidential election by his party’s long-time opposition, Haikainde Hichilema of the  United Party for National Development (UPND).

The Patriotic Front leader has, however, launched a bid to come back as the leader of the party and challenge HH in the next year’s elections.

Below is Lungu’s congratulatory message to Putin on his fifth term inauguration Tuesday:

My fellow citizens, friends and colleagues both at home and abroad. 

Allow me to join the rest of the world in saying ‘pozdravaleniya’ to the President of the Federation of Russia H.E  President Vladimir Putin for his re-election on 17th March, 2024 and consequently his inauguration last Tuesday, 7th May, 2024. 

Congratulations, Mr President, on my behalf, my wife Esther, my political party PF and many diplomatically astute Zambians. 

As you all maybe aware, President Putin swore the oath of allegiance to the Russian Constitution at his inauguration of his fifth term as leader of Russian Federation after convincingly winning the March 2024 poll with 82.7%. 

When l was at the University of Zambia studying law, I recall how some of my friends and relatives chose to study at universities in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities in Russia instead of joining UNZA or Copperbelt University. As a former head of state, I am grateful that Russia continues to sponsor between 200-250 students to study chemical engineering, medicine, economics, nuclear science, and many other courses in Russia annually all paid for by the Russian government. 

As northern Rhodesia just like many countries in Africa, Russia helped us fight colonialism, we in Africa won our struggle for independence using Russian guns and weapons. Russia never colonised us, Russia has been with Africa and for Africa. I also recall that Russia has been an all-weather friend of Zambia that assisted us in military corporation through our first President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda and subsequent presidents. 

As you start your new political mandate Mr. President, take note that we in Zambia cannot ignore or forget such an ally and friend as our diplomatic engagement clocks 60 this year. Being a former President of Zambia and a pan-Africanist, I pledge to continue engaging with you in the same way I engage with the United States, the European Union, Britain, France, China, Brazil, the African Union, the United Nations and other diplomatic entities at bilateral and multilateral levels. 

Your Excellency President Putin, I wish you God’s blessings and protection as you commence your latest six-year term. Like you said at the Grand Kremlin Palace during your inauguration, we join you and the people of Russia to pray for national and international peace in a ‘conflict free globe’ where everyone can live free, in harmony and happiness. 

Thank you and God Bless ! 

H.E Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu 

Sixth President of the Republic of Zambia.