Zanu PF Thug Appointed ZBC Chief Executive
8 May 2024
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By Showbiz Reporter- In a surprising move, the government has appointed an active Zanu PF Youth leader as the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) Chief executive.

Charles Munganasa, a ZBC board member, was announced as acting CEO Tuesday.

Munganasa is the secretary for administration in the Masvingo Zanu PF Youth League.

He replaces Assael Machakata, the ZBC finance director who has been acting CEO since February following the suspension of Adelaide Chikunguru, who later resigned.

ZBC also announced the appointment of Merit Munzwembiri as the acting head of news and current affairs.

Munzwembiri takes over from Jackie Gwemende, who replaced Robson Mhandu, whose contract was not renewed when it expired earlier this year.

According to ZimLive, the latest changes at ZBC were ordered by the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, which maintains a tight grip on the state broadcaster.

The appointment of a ZANU PF activist as acting ZBC CEO raises questions about the national broadcaster’s impartiality, especially after the government announced plans to raise US$100 million for the ZBC annually.

The Cabinet recently approved amendments to the Broadcasting Services Act which will compel motorists to buy radio licences from ZBC whenever they renew their vehicle licences.

If the amendments are passed by Parliament, it will become mandatory for motorists to first pay a US$92 annual licence fee for car radios before acquiring vehicle insurance cover or policy unless there is an exemption from the ZBC.