Horror Bus Accident Involving Passion Java Stadium Crowd, Victims Seek Compensation
10 May 2024
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Attendees of Passion Java’s ‘Night of Wonders’ Involved in Accident

By Farai D Hove | ZimEye | In a somber turn of events amidst a night meant for miraculous encounters, several attendees of the eagerly anticipated ‘Night of Wonders,’ hosted by the prominent religious figure Passion Java, were involved in an accident. Details regarding the nature and cause of the accident remain unclear at this time.

Audios and correspondence have brought to light reactions from the community. Messages exchanged among attendees reveal a mix of gratitude and concern following the incident. One attendee expressed heartfelt thanks to a certain, “Prim” for supportive words, while regretting the unfortunate events that befell their fellows, saying, “Thank you elder Prim for the kind words, and we are very sorry for those who met with the accidents they encountered.”

Another message read, “Thank you for the soft and comforting voices of a broken heart,” indicating the emotional support circulating within the group in the face of adversity. Community solidarity was evident as members conveyed their readiness to continue their journey together, with another participant noting, “We thank you for your word, prim and gentle, without pride, we are not tired of walking amen amen.”

The event, held at the National Sports Stadium, was meant to be a spiritual gathering and showcase of faith, but the night was overshadowed by these unfortunate incidents. The local community and attendees have shown resilience and unity, offering each other support and affirmations of continued commitment to their shared goals and spiritual journey.

Authorities and event organizers have yet to release official statements regarding the accident. Community members have been encouraged to keep the affected individuals in their thoughts and prayers as the situation continues to unfold. More details are expected as investigations into the accident proceed.- ZimEye