Java Addresses Empty Stadium As His Zanu PF Gig Flops
10 May 2024
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By Political reporter – Controversial prophet and self-proclaimed Zanu PF supporter, Passion Java, found himself addressing a deserted stadium on Thursday evening during what was supposed to be a politically charged religious event termed Night of Wonders.

Held at the National Sports Stadium, the highly Zanu PF advertised affair failed to draw the anticipated crowd, leaving only Java and a handful of companions occupying the stage and podium.

Prior to the event, Zanu PF used its social media platforms and state broadcaster ZBC to rally its Harare district structures, urging party loyalists to attend the gathering. 

Despite these efforts, the turnout fell drastically short of expectations.

Java had confidently proclaimed that the stadium, with its 60,000 seating capacity, would be packed to the brim.

 However, his optimism was met with disappointment as the venue remained largely vacant.

A leaked message attributed to Zanu PF Harare Zone coordinator Joshua Gore revealed directives to district chairpersons to ensure full attendance at Java’s event.

 “All district chairpersons in Zone 6 are required to mobilize all members (munhu wese hake) to attend the church program being hosted by Evangelist Passion Java,” stated the notice.

Confirming the party’s involvement, Nico Hamadziripi, Zanu PF’s secretary for transport in the area, affirmed that arrangements had been made to ferry supporters to the event. “Java is an active party cadre, and we should support him,” he added.

Despite attempts to reach him for comment, Java remained inaccessible, neither responding to calls nor text messages. 

However, he took to his official Facebook page to urge attendance, proclaiming, “Whether you have HIV, you need money, or you have a broken leg, come to Night of Wonders.”

Investigations by reporters uncovered a widespread mobilization effort, with buses arranged across the country to transport Zanu PF supporters to the stadium.

 “Yes, we were hired to ferry people from Mutare for the church service slated for National Sports Stadium,” confirmed a transport operator.

In a bid to drum up attendance, vehicles throughout the city now bear colourful advertisements promoting the event, featuring Java bathed in celestial light alongside the bold text, Night of Wonders.

Java’s history of provocative behaviour, including his vocal support for President Emmerson Mnangagwa during election campaigns, has often courted controversy. 

However, his failure to draw a substantial crowd to the stadium raises questions about the extent of his influence and support within both religious and political circles.