Happy Mothers Day from Kerina Mujati
12 May 2024
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Good morning, Zimbabwe. Today is a special day for all mothers. My message is for the single mothers out there. Today, I want to tell every single parent that in your children’s eyes, you are the true embodiment of health, resilience, and perfection. Remember, the early years you spend with your children are vital in shaping their personalities.

While some might say solitude is lonely, today I want you to realize that solitude also strengthens the mind and teaches it to rely on itself. As a single parent, your task is to create a nurturing, safe, and warm environment that supports their emotional, physical, and mental well-being.

Happy Mothers Day

Love them unconditionally and always prepare those unforgettable meals that will forever remind them of Mom’s comforting home cooking. Each day comes with its own challenges; reassure yourself, summon your inner strength, and affirm, “I can do it.” Society may have its stereotypes about single parenting, but remember, like any family, single-parent families have their successes and challenges.

At night, as you lie in bed, reflect on the day, seek grace, strength, wisdom, and hope for another morning.

You cannot give up—these children love and need you. Cherish and count your blessings through their smiles. Happy Mother’s Day to all the brave women in Zimbabwe dealing with substance misuse, high living costs, and a challenging economy. Hold on tightly. #CdeSisterMwenewazvo #KerinaMujati