Chiwenga Flexes Muscle “Fires” Mutsvangwa
13 May 2024
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By Political Reporter- Vice President President Constantino Chiwenga is said to have issued an order to terminate Monica Mutsvangwa’s cabinet post.

Monica is the minister of Women’s Affairs. She was recently demoted from the powerful position of the Information ministry.

Monica is on the line of fire because of his husband Christopher Mutsvangwa’s tuff with Chiwenga.

Zanu PF spokesman Chris Mutsvangwa gave an interview to a private weekly accusing Chiwenga of causing his son’s arrest last Thursday on allegations of money laundering and illegal dealing in cash.

Mutsvangwa maintained 44-year-old Neville Mutsvangwa’s innocence, claiming that his arrest was the work of adversaries who were “trying to abuse the judiciary system, hoping that I can have an attitude against the state.”

Mutsvangwa’s wife, also claimed her son’s arrest was “political victimisation.”

Mutsvangwa did not name Chiwenga in the interview with The Standard, but left enough clues about the target of his attack.

He claimed that he had “established beyond any doubt” that Mnangagwa had not instigated the arrest, “so it is somebody else who thinks that he is wearing the shoes of the head of state to manipulate the relationship between me and the president.”

“You know, the gate to power according to the constitution is through an election, not through games and shenanigans and subterfuge… I don’t answer to ambitious individuals,” Mutsvangwa said, referring to Chiwenga’s reported ambitions to be Zanu PF and the country’s next leader when Mnangagwa’s second and final term ends in 2028.

” Chiwenga is bitter about the Mutsvangwa’s and he wants Monica out of the government. He hhas since expressed his sadness to the President who have given him a go ahead to deal with this rogue family”, said our highly placed sources with the Chiwenga security.