Kerina On Masvingo ED Song Video
13 May 2024
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ZANU PF and Zimbabweans must refuse any third term of Emmerson Mnangagwa who is creating a Masvingo dynasty, writes Kerina Mujati.

By Kerina Mujati | ZimEye |
Good afternoon Zimbabwe. A polite reminder to these misguided paid mouthpiece for ZanuPF Lacoste 3rd term agenda prophets of doom that Masvingo is a Province not Zimbabwe.

When you parade your ignorance publicly that “Masvingo yati ngaarambe achingo tonga Mnangagwa” that is a very dangerous precedence as Zimbabwe as a nation is bigger than Masvingo and your ED. Is Masvingo now ZanuPF, our Constitution, our Judiciary and the one that decides what is in the best interest of the nation? I am very certain that in Masvingo did not win during Elections and Masvingo is not the only Province that vote in Zimbabwe. Saka muri kutiiko imi?
I can see some faces and body language of some people who appear not interested and as if they just attended for the sake of their safety only.
I hope the War Veterans are wiser and refuse to be used by ZanuPF in all this power struggle to endorse any time for ED. We have noted sellouts in the pseudo Opposition like Caston Matewu, Richard Tsvangirai and others how they are maneuvering to think they would getaway with it . Let it be known to them that they will not abuse the Parliament to endorse ED to violate our Constitution in his ego to build a Mafidhi Dynasty. ZanuPF stand tall and defend the nation from this rotten and greedy Mnangagwa evil family. It is time our people across the nation to think with their God given wisdom not their bellies.
If Mnangagwa want to create a Mafidhi Dynasty, I am pretty sure they can allow him to create such back in Mumbwa not in our Zimbabwe. Remember these modern day sellouts. ED was the damned CRIMINAL around Mugabe and his dirty Dynasty plans must be resisted.