Mai Titi Goes Beserk, Defends Zanu PF Association
13 May 2024
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By A Correspondent| Ex-convict and controversial socialite Felistas Murata popularly known as Mai Titi has defended her recent picture with President Emmerson Mnangagwa saying everyone has a right to support his or her party of choice.

In a typical I dont care attitude which could suggest she only values her new found proximity to Mnangagwa, she went berserk dismissing her followers who openly disapproved her picture with the Zanu PF leader.

Below is Mai Titi’s reaction following overwhelming disapproval of her association with Mnangagwa;

“Munhu mumwe nemumwe anekodzero yekuteverera bato raanoda asina kumbunyikidzwa. Zvekuzokanda maAngry face papost yangu naPresident atove madrama. We all have freedom to vote and choose who we want to follow.
I follow His Excellency and First Lady Dr Auxilia Mnangagwa and I am Zanu Pf . If you don’t like that there s nothing I can do to change you .
I have seen what they are doing to our Nation from Roads , Schools , Empowerment etc.
Our Airport has improved greatly and you can’t tell me you you are not noticing that .
Angel of Hope foundation ya First Lady Vedu Dr Auxilia Mnangagwa zvainoitira nherera neShirikadzi you don’t see that . She goes all out in helping the needy .
We are millions of people in Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 you can’t expect change in 2 days but each and everyday there is visible change in Zimbabwe.
You choose to see the bad side only not the good deeds and unfortunately it’s sad .
I follow the good works and I can’t be hotspotted to hate what I don’t know.
If you have issues they are your issues not mine .
Even the Bible says love and honour your President.

Nyika inovakwa neVene vayo do not divide our Nation but rather unite and build Zimbabwe together as one .
I am for the ruling party .
And nothing will change that .
Pamberi neZanu Pf .