Patient Who Sneaked Out Of Hospital Found Dead
13 May 2024
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Missing Patient from Gwanda Hospital Found Deceased

Gwanda, May 9, 2024 – A tragic discovery has occurred as the body of Keeper Moyo, a 60-year-old patient who mysteriously disappeared from Gwanda Provincial Hospital, was found deceased. Moyo was last seen on the night of April 30, 2024, around 10 PM before he vanished without a trace.

The body was located on May 7 by a local youth in a bush along the Manzamnyama River, in an advanced state of decomposition, sparking concerns about his whereabouts and safety during the period he was unaccounted for. Moyo had been suffering from memory loss, frequently expressing a desire to return to his rural home, which may have contributed to his fatal departure from the hospital, Masvingo Mirror reports.

Inspector Loveness Mangena, the spokesperson for Matabeleland South Provincial Police, confirmed the incident and stated that an investigation is actively underway. “Moyo was reported missing after he discharged himself from Gwanda Hospital late at night. His body was discovered a week later in a secluded, bushy area close to Manzamnyama River,” she reported.

This incident has highlighted significant security concerns regarding the safety of patients in government hospital facilities, prompting calls for stringent measures to prevent such occurrences in the future.

Authorities continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding Moyo’s disappearance and death, as the local community and Moyo’s family seek answers and closure following this distressing event. Further updates are expected as the investigation progresses.-MasvingoMorrror