Police Arrest Chris And Monica Mutsvangwa Now- Kerina
13 May 2024
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By Kerina Mujati | Good evening and a happy Monday Zimbabwe. Well done courts for denying Neville Mutsvangwa bail. The 30th of May is too early because you found Neville with an Estonian ID, many foreign bank cards, and 48 sim cards in contravention of the telecommunications act, which is indicative that he is operating in a syndicate of organised criminal gangs. This is a high security case; if the same courts sent Job Sikala for utterances as a security risk and he was in prison for a long time, honestly, Neville is a high national, regional, and international security risk considering all the apparatus suggestive of international crimes/insurgency.

Therefore, this case of Neville Mutsvangwa should not be treated with urgency but due investigative/intelligence gathering processes should be prioritised. Given the apparatus which were at his disposal, the case should be multinational. Has the Zimbabwean Republic Police made a notification to the InterPol regional office?

The most disturbing national security risk about Neville Mutsvangwa is the fact that he was found with an Estonian ID which was NEVER declared to the Zimbabwe immigration and border security. Neville Mutsvangwa is a person of high security risk and interest considering that Estonia is infamous for its Albanian/Russian mafia known for notorious international arms trafficking, drugs, human trafficking, prostitution, and money laundering gangs. I hope the CIA will not be interested in this case and our nation find itself in the same situation as Nicaragua/Panama and Congo in the late 1990s. Are Zimbabweans citizens safe considering how greedy the Mutsvangwas are and placing the country at high risk?

Christopher and Monica Mutsvangwa need to be interrogated as well. Arrest Chris and Monica Mutsvangwa to answer questions for the money laundering and Estonian ID as it is apparent that as long as money is involved, they will not stop at even putting the nation in jeopardy. Our nation must not be a thug’s paradise.