Zim Nat Debate Team Triumphs at East Africa World Schools Debate Championships
13 May 2024
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By A Correspondent | ZimEye | In a display of oratory and critical thinking, the Zimbabwe National Debate Team clinched the top spot at the prestigious East Africa World Schools Debate Championships held in Kenya. The team outperformed 41 other competitors to secure the championship, demonstrating exceptional debating prowess and strategic acumen.

Zim Nat debate team in Nairobi, Kenya

The team’s victory was highlighted by several outstanding individual performances. Ryan was awarded Best Senior Speaker, Best Male Speaker, and Overall Best Speaker. Gabriel followed closely, earning the title of 2nd Best Senior Speaker and ranking 3rd Overall. Meanwhile, Makaita shone as the Best Junior Speaker, Best Female Speaker, and the 2nd Best Overall Speaker, making the Zimbabwe team’s speakers the top three out of the 150 students participating.

The organisation celebrated this significant achievement under the banner, “Debating Our Way to a Brighter Future,” reflecting their belief in the transformative power of debate. The team expressed profound gratitude for the relentless support from their coaches, parents, and schools, which played a crucial role in their success.

As the Zimbabwe National Debate Team sets its sights even higher, they are now gearing up for the debate Olympics and have initiated a fundraising campaign to support their journey. Contributions to their cause can be made through their GoFundMe page at [https://gofund.me/be2a9046](https://gofund.me/be2a9046).

This victory not only marks a significant milestone for the team but also positions Zimbabwe as a leading force in the world of academic debate. The impact of their achievement is expected to inspire future debaters in the region and beyond.-ZimEye