‘Monica Mutsvangwa’s Manipulating Kampira Funeral for Sympathy’
14 May 2024
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By Kerina Mujati | Good morning, Zimbabwe. Monica Mutsvangwa’s recent behavior exemplifies a new level of arrogance. While she seemed to console the Kampira family, her actions subtly manipulated the situation to garner sympathy for herself. Monica, if you were truly in such a dark place, staying home to find your inner peace would have been preferable. Members of ZANU PF, like Monica, demonstrate poor etiquette in public, often failing to recognize that not every opportunity to speak is an invitation to share personal sorrows.

The event was a celebration of life for Reverend General Kampira, and Monica should have respected that, rather than shifting the focus to her own troubles. It seems you are unaware, Monica, but Zimbabweans are not concerned with your personal issues; rather, they are celebrating their knowledge of the truth about you and your husband, Neville. You both are seen as a national security threat, corrupt beyond measure.

Monica, if you are as burdened by sorrow as you claim, perhaps it’s time to step back and let the nation move forward without your interference. Your family’s sense of entitlement and your attempts to overshadow a funeral are disgraceful.

I suggest you seek advice from Mary Mubaiwa. Despite being younger, she could offer valuable counsel on coping with the harsh realities of politics under Mnangagwa’s rule. Mary Mubaiwa herself has endured his cruelty, once considered a darling, now treated with unimaginable harshness.

Lastly, Monica, it’s imperative that you return the national wealth you’ve taken. Stop defending your son; his actions mark him as a threat to international security and a saboteur of our nation’s interests for personal gain. You were the true criminals of the Mugabe era. #sellouts #Cdesistermwenewazvo #kerinamujati