Two Zimbos Killed In George Building Collapse
14 May 2024
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 By Political Correspondent- It’s been a grim ordeal as news emerges that two Zimbabweans are among the casualties of the tragic collapse of an apartment building in George, Western Cape, South Africa.

Rescue operations have been tirelessly ongoing for eight days now since the catastrophic event unfolded last Monday afternoon at 75 Victoria Street, trapping 81 individuals under the rubble.

In the latest update, 59 workers have been successfully rescued and accounted for, while 13 others are receiving medical attention. Sadly, the death toll has climbed to 30 people.

Zimbabweans in the area have since launched an appeal for donations from well-wishers so that they could repatriate the two bodies.

Meanwhile, the harrowing wait persists for the fate of the remaining 22 workers who are still unaccounted for.

Chantel Edwards, the municipality spokesperson, emphasized that the paramount focus remains on ongoing rescue endeavours.

The scene of the collapsed building, obscured by cordons, reveals the stark reality of the tragedy.

This collapse occurred in an apartment block still under construction, entangling numerous individuals in its ruin.

On Monday night, George’s municipality confirmed that 51 people had yet to be located.

Out of the 24 individuals already retrieved from the debris, three were discovered to have lost their lives. 

Search teams, aided by sniffer dogs, continue their exhaustive efforts to locate the missing persons.

As families grapple with the anguish of loss, the Department of Social Development extends its support to the affected families.

Official personnel from George Municipality, SAPS, and the Western Cape Government stand united at the scene, coordinating the intricate search and rescue operation.

In this dire hour, Gift of the Givers has also joined forces, lending their assistance to the ongoing rescue mission.