Zanu PF Varakashi Mock Zimbabweans In UK
14 May 2024
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By A Correspondent|ZimEye

In a surprising twist, Zanu PF apologists, often referred to as Varakashi, have launched a campaign urging Zimbabweans to reconsider migrating to the United Kingdom, citing exorbitant living costs and economic hardships as compelling reasons to stay in Zimbabwe.

In a statement that has sparked debate and raised eyebrows, Varakashi members claimed that life in the UK is far more challenging and expensive compared to Zimbabwe, contradicting popular perceptions of Western countries as havens of opportunity and prosperity.

“LIFE IN THE UK IS MORE DIFFICULT THAN IN ZIMBABWE,” read a statement attributed to Varakashi.

“I wonder what greener pastures are Zimbabweans living in the UK, looking for when their country is doing better economically,” the statement continued, questioning the motivations behind Zimbabweans seeking better opportunities abroad.

The Varakashi spokesperson went on to express bewilderment at the phenomenon of Zimbabweans returning to their homeland after decades spent in the UK, allegedly without significant financial gains.

“I used to wonder why Zimbabweans who had been living in the UK for over 20 years returned to Zimbabwe empty-handed like they had been captured by a mermaid until I saw this photo. UK economy is hand to mouth,” the statement concluded, implying that the economic situation in the UK is precarious and unsustainable.

The Varakashi campaign represents a departure from the prevailing narrative that portrays emigration to Western countries, particularly the UK, as a pathway to better opportunities and improved living standards.

By challenging this narrative, Varakashi members are attempting to dissuade Zimbabweans from pursuing migration and instead encourage them to invest in their homeland.

However, the campaign has elicited mixed reactions, with some questioning the credibility of Varakashi’s claims and pointing to the socio-economic challenges facing Zimbabwe, including high unemployment, inflation, and currency instability.

Critics argue that while the UK may have its own economic struggles, it still offers opportunities and resources that are unavailable or inaccessible in Zimbabwe.

Moreover, the campaign has reignited debates about the root causes of Zimbabwe’s economic woes and the government’s responsibility in addressing them.

Critics accuse Zanu PF and the ruling elite of mismanagement, corruption, and policies that have contributed to the country’s economic decline, thereby driving citizens to seek better prospects abroad.

As the Varakashi campaign gains traction, it underscores the complexities of migration and the divergent perceptions of opportunities and challenges in different parts of the world.

While the UK may present its own set of difficulties, for many Zimbabweans, the allure of better prospects abroad remains strong, driven by aspirations for a better life and greater opportunities for themselves and their families.