Zimpapers’ Workers Paid US$12 Per Month
14 May 2024
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By A Correspondent| Zimbabwe’s largest media organisation Zimpapers is abusing its contract workers by paying them a paltry US$12 in local ZiG currency a month

According to a pay advise leaked to ZimEye, one of the company’s retainers received ZiG243 which is equivalent of US$12 using parallel market rate.

Zimpapers employs hundreds of workers on six months’ contracts.

On top of the paltry, 243 ZiG, it paid its contract workers, Zimpapers gives out US$ 30 as a transport allowance and mobile data worth US$19 (380ZiG).

The Independent Contractors are required to be at work during the course of the week and are treated the same way as the permanent workers.

It is hard to differentiate between the contractors and the permanent workers as the they operate under same working conditions.

The independent contractors have to fork out their own funeral and medical aid contributions as it is not covered by the company.

Students on attachment are even getting less than US$12 and have to use their own money to come to work every day. More to follow.