Government Maintains Passport Fees in USD Despite ZiG Introduction
15 May 2024
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By A Correspondent|ZimEye

In a recent announcement, the Zimbabwean government confirmed that passport fees will continue to be charged in United States Dollars (USD), despite the introduction of the new Zimbabwean Investment Guidelines (ZiG) currency.

Government spokesman Nick Mangwana emphasized the decision, citing contractual obligations with the Lithuanian company Garsu Pasaulis, which played a pivotal role in establishing the electronic passport system.

Mangwana stated in a press release on X, “The government will continue to charge passport fees in foreign currency despite the introduction of a new currency because of a contractual obligation with the company that helped to establish the electronic passport system.”

The collaboration with Garsu Pasaulis has been instrumental in addressing the longstanding issue of passport backlogs in Zimbabwe.

The introduction of the e-passport system has not only streamlined the passport application process but has also significantly enhanced efficiency within the passport issuance department.

The decision to maintain passport fees in USD reflects the government’s commitment to honoring contractual agreements and ensuring the sustainability of critical infrastructure projects. Despite the transition to the ZiG currency in other sectors of the economy, certain arrangements necessitate adherence to existing contractual terms.

While the use of foreign currency for passport fees may pose challenges for some citizens, particularly amidst economic uncertainties, the government affirms its dedication to providing essential services without interruption. The electronic passport system represents a significant investment in modernizing administrative processes and improving service delivery to citizens.

Moreover, the decision to uphold passport fees in USD underscores the importance of international partnerships in driving technological advancements and enhancing public services.

Collaborations with reputable companies like Garsu Pasaulis demonstrate Zimbabwe’s commitment to leveraging external expertise for national development initiatives.

As the government continues to navigate economic reforms and transition to the ZiG currency, maintaining stability and consistency in critical sectors such as passport issuance remains a top priority.

By honoring contractual obligations and prioritizing efficient service delivery, Zimbabwe aims to bolster investor confidence and foster sustainable economic growth.

The Zimbabwean government’s decision to retain passport fees in USD underscores its commitment to honoring contractual agreements and ensuring the continued functionality of essential services.

The partnership with Garsu Pasaulis has proven instrumental in modernizing passport issuance processes and alleviating historical backlogs.

As Zimbabwe progresses on its path towards economic recovery and development, maintaining stability and efficiency in critical infrastructure projects will be essential for long-term success.