Mnangagwa Sets Team To Grab Harare From The Opposition
15 May 2024
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By Municipal Reporter- President Mnangagwa has targeted all towns and cities run by the opposition.

On Wednesday, Mnangagwa sworn in a Commission of Inquiry, led by Retired High Court Judge Justice Maphios Cheda, into Harare City Council’s local governance issues since 2017.

This is Zanu PF’s tactic of looking for faults in towns run by the opposition and taking them over.

The other Commissioners are Mr Steven Chakaipa, Mr Norbert Phiri, Mrs Lucia Gladys Matibenga and Ms Khonzani Ncube, while the Permanent Secretary for Local Government and Public Works, Dr John Bhasera will be its Secretary.

The Commission has six months to operate under eight terms of reference.

Speaking after taking oath at State House in Harare today, Justice Cheda said they are ready to conduct investigations.

“We are looking at governance of the Harare City Council. When the President has decided that something is to be investigated, it means that he has seen or heard certain things which are not right.

“We are moving in together with my team to investigate,” he said.