Wicknell Shows Off 293 Shoes Stashed Inside His Room
15 May 2024
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HARARE, Zimbabwe | By A Correspondent | — In a bold display of extravagance, controversial businessman Wicknell Chivayo has once again captured public attention by showcasing an immense collection of 293 shoe brands, despite ongoing criticism over his unfulfilled promises and alleged mismanagement of funds.

Chivayo, who previously faced scrutiny for failing to deliver on the Gwanda Solar Project—a venture for which he was reportedly advanced USD 5 million—uploaded a video on Wednesday morning that paraded his extensive assortment of footwear.

This ostentatious show of wealth comes amid advice from a Chimurenga music legend, who suggested that Chivayo should contribute his “unaccounted wealth” to the less fortunate rather than flaunting it.

The timing of Chivayo’s latest boast is particularly striking, given the lack of significant business achievements linked to the public funds he received. Critics argue that the resources spent on personal luxuries like his 293 pairs of shoes could have been invested in local enterprises, potentially creating jobs and boosting the Zimbabwean economy.

Imagine if the money spent on these shoes went towards establishing a small shoe manufacturing plant, commented renowned cartoonist Tony Namate. “Instead of continuously importing luxury items, such investments could help in setting up local industries like a vehicle assembly plant, significantly empowering the local workforce and economy.”

Despite these suggestions, Chivayo seems unfazed by the criticism. In his video, he defiantly addressed his detractors, saying, “Those who say I am uneducated…Here are my 293 shoes.”

The video tour of his home revealed at least two rooms filled with over 457 pairs of shoes, a stark symbol of his lavish lifestyle funded by questionable means.

The public reaction has been mixed, with many expressing outrage over his apparent misuse of funds and lack of social responsibility, while others are dazzled by the sheer scale of his possessions.

As debates continue on social media and in public forums, the call for Chivayo to redirect his resources towards more productive and community-focused ventures grows louder, though it remains to be seen if he will heed these appeals.