Zim Jail for Woman Who Sold Baby in South Africa
15 May 2024
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A 23-year-old woman from Gokwe has been convicted of selling her newborn baby in South Africa. Initially, she had falsely claimed that her baby had died, but later admitted her guilt in contravention of the Trafficking in Persons Act during proceedings before a Harare Magistrate. The sentencing for her offense is scheduled for today.

According to court testimony, the woman gave birth in South Africa in June of the previous year and subsequently sold her son just two days after his birth. An accomplice aided in smuggling the baby into Zimbabwe. However, law enforcement acted swiftly on a tip-off, resulting in the woman’s arrest. The baby was then placed under the care of the Department of Social Welfare.

Upon learning of her arrest, the woman returned home in an attempt to reclaim the baby. However, she was apprehended and brought before the court to face the consequences of her actions.

This distressing case highlights the tragic consequences of human trafficking and the exploitation of vulnerable individuals, particularly newborns. As the sentencing looms, the court is tasked with administering justice and sending a clear message about the severity of such crimes.- Agencies