Govt To Rescue Poor Families With USD20 One Off Allowances
16 May 2024
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In a bid to “alleviate the plight of vulnerable individuals and households,” the government of Bulawayo Metropolitan has announced plans to commence a selection process aimed at providing essential support for those in need.

This initiative comes as part of broader efforts to address socioeconomic challenges and ensure the welfare of the community.

Mr. Moyo, speaking on behalf of Provincial Affairs and Devolution, emphasized the urgency of the selection process, highlighting the imperative to promptly assist individuals facing hardship. The initiative seeks to provide livelihood support to vulnerable members of society, empowering them to sustain themselves and their families.

“We are organizing the selection process so that we start immediately and we assist our people who are vulnerable and who need this livelihood to sustain themselves,” stated Mr. Moyo, underscoring the government’s commitment to swift action in delivering assistance to those most in need.

Furthermore, Mr. Moyo expressed confidence in the availability of essential commodities within the market, such as food items, reassuring the public that there is an adequate supply for purchase. He noted that measures taken in previous years, including allowing the private sector to import food and fostering contract farming, have contributed to maintaining sufficient stocks of essential goods.

“Last year we allowed the importation of food by the private sector. They have enough wheat or through contract farming. That’s why we are giving cash. We are in a multi-currency that’s why we quoted in the US but we are most likely going to give them ZiG cash,” elaborated Mr. Moyo, outlining the government’s strategy in facilitating access to essential resources.

The decision to provide cash assistance underscores the government’s recognition of the diverse needs within the community and its commitment to ensuring equitable access to support mechanisms. By leveraging a multi-currency approach, the government aims to cater to the specific requirements of beneficiaries while promoting financial inclusivity.

As the selection process unfolds, stakeholders are urged to collaborate closely with government departments to identify and prioritize individuals and households most in need of assistance. Transparent and accountable procedures will be paramount in ensuring the effective and equitable distribution of support across Bulawayo Metropolitan.

In conclusion, the government’s announcement of the selection process for livelihood support reflects a proactive approach to addressing socioeconomic challenges and fostering resilience within the community. By prioritizing the welfare of vulnerable individuals and households, the government reaffirms its commitment to inclusive development and social justice in Bulawayo Metropolitan.