Zanu PF MP Coins New Slogan: “2030 VaMnangagwa Vanenge Varipo Vachitonga”
20 May 2024
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By A Correspondent

At a recent political gathering, Owen Ncube, the Zanu PF Member of Parliament for Gokwe-Kana Constituency, introduced a new slogan: “2030 VaMnangagwa Vanenge Varipo Vachitonga.”

The slogan, which translates to “In 2030, Mnangagwa will still be there ruling,” has sparked significant controversy within the party.

Ncube’s declaration has intensified discussions around the future leadership and political strategy of Zanu PF.

While some party members have embraced the slogan as a show of unwavering support for President Emmerson Mnangagwa, others view it as a contentious statement that could fuel internal divisions.

The controversy surrounding Ncube’s slogan was further inflamed by the circulation of a letter on social media, purportedly exposing infighting within Zanu PF.

The party’s Information Department quickly moved to discredit the letter, labelling it as fake.

“The ZANU PF Information Department distances itself from the below posted fake letter created and spread by miscreants,” a party spokesperson stated.

“As usual, these fallacious and malicious attempts to disinform the public have no effect because the public knows that if a purported letter does not appear on the Information Director’s timeline, then it is fake.”

The spokesperson emphasized the party’s commitment to transparency and dismissed the letter as a baseless attempt to sow discord.

“Despite these measures that are uncircumventable, uncreative individuals continue to try to deceive the public in a clearly disingenuous manner.

It should be disregarded with the contempt it deserves, as should all alleged party letters that do not appear on this timeline. The nation is duly advised.”

The slogan “2030 VaMnangagwa Vanenge Varipo Vachitonga” reflects a strong endorsement of Mnangagwa’s leadership and his vision for the country’s future.

However, it also underscores the challenges Zanu PF faces in maintaining party unity and addressing internal and external criticisms.

As Zimbabwe approaches future elections, the political landscape will undoubtedly continue to evolve, with slogans like Ncube’s playing a significant role in shaping the discourse.

The party’s ability to manage internal disputes and present a unified front will be crucial in determining its success in the coming years.