Letter To Chris Mutsvangwa
23 May 2024
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Good morning Zimbabwe. Dear Christopher Mutsvangwa,
While you moan about Monica Mutsvangwa having increased bouts of high blood pressure on the thought of your morbidly obese son Neville’s continuous incarceration at Remand, please kindly advise your family Dr to either increase the dosage of whatever BP medication Monica has been prescribed or try an alternative medicine to the already prescribed.
Our people are being affected by blood pressure due to the increased financial woes facing them. Our people are even dying of blood pressure due to the fact that they cannot afford the medication, all this thanks to your entitlement and looting in government whilst abusing ZanuPF to destroy our people and what Zimbabweis capable of. As of Monica I am pretty sure her blood pressure is a result of her own unwise lifestyle choices unlike our impoverished people of Zimbabwe who have no choices. Monica her situation can be different if she has a new approach to her lifestyle and repent from looting, money laundering or stepping on Extra Darkness Mnangagwa’s toes serving her son from being a criminal who ends up a jailbird. I am pretty sure if all the above suggestions mentioned are considered ,Monica might save herself from having bouts of high blood pressure since she is a cry baby . Ehuhuweeeee, nyalala nhanha Monicaaaaa…ehuhuhuweeee Nevhi ngaagare ikoko kusvika ati agura humbavha. Ndikoko, pasi nembavha✊️