Mzembi Confronts Mnangagwa Over Attempt To Violate Constitution
23 May 2024
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By Engineer Walter Mzembi

The 2030 Agenda as it is currently conceived , constructed & promoted through intimidating Sloganeering is a very narrow mission that noone should lose sleep over.

Its proponents want those it will serve to be physically around up to 2030 lording over us. Yes , 2030 only .

The message one seems to get from all this is materialism not ideas , accumulation not philosophical , entitlement not regeneration .

If these things mattered then Proverbs and Ecclesiastes would not have outlived the material accumulation of King Solomon , the splendour and majesty of his palaces, the sheer force of his horses and chariots , his £2.3 trillion gold fortune etc.

Where are these now ? Only the ideas upon which Solomon ‘s wisdom was famed survived !

The world is ruled by dead men . We must be ready to die not unready because we and our acolytes have not yet finished the harvest and accumulation of the material , but because in our wake we have planted a lasting legacy that will be celebrated and inspire future generations and continue to give them an identity long after we are gone. Ideas unlimited.

True – all of the ideologies that serve as the foundation of governments , religion , social and economic institutions were inspired by the dead . Legacy of ideas.

Just as precedence , we change names of buildings and roads we did not build and name them after ourselves , so will the buildings , bridges and roads we have built by future generations. But ideas we did not generate, cannot be changed or named after self.

The grave has failed to contain the influence and ideas of men like Jesus Christ, Prophet Muhammad, Karl Max, Charles Darwin, Keynes etc .

Although a victim of November 2017 , at some stage during that eventful week for a moment in all the euphoria , I thought wow these gentlemen are up to something , when they were waving the Constitution invoking terms like ” Operation Restore Legacy ” …what caught my attention was the word “legacy” and the document they were waving , the Constitution , an amalgam of ideas on how we had agreed to govern ourselves.

If we had gone off the rails of this sacrosanct set of ideas, we deserved to be corrected but only
constitutionally i figured out , hence my long stay from it all to this day .

To therefore watch and see the very people who stood on higher ground correcting , seemingly repeating the same things they sought to correct is the zenith of insincerity and unpatriotic acts.

Give me and many of us plausible justifications for 2030 and we will give you a lifetime, we will open the graves for you, because 2030 will be too short .

Long and short , so far you have a badly packaged case that should end in 2028 , no more .

If its all about rallying us with intimidating & garrulous Slogans & stalking and insulting contrary ideas on social media then there is no case.

Bring a better case !