School Robberies : Zimbabwe Republic Police Warns Communities
28 May 2024
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Since the beginning of the second term, more than twenty schools across Zimbabwe have been hit by armed robberies, sparking significant concern among the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) and the wider community. These incidents have primarily targeted cash stored on school premises, particularly funds collected from fees.

The latest robbery occurred at St Ignatius College in Harare, where a group of at least ten armed robbers attacked the school, expecting to find large amounts of cash. This attack has heightened fears and underscored the growing trend of educational institutions becoming prime targets for criminals.

The ZRP has expressed deep concern over this alarming pattern, noting that schools, often seen as safe havens for students and educators, are now vulnerable to such violent crimes. The police are intensifying efforts to protect these institutions and are urging school administrators to adopt more secure methods of handling cash.

Communities are equally disturbed by this trend. Parents, teachers, and local residents are calling for increased security measures and a more robust police presence around schools to deter future incidents. The safety of students and staff has become a pressing issue, with many advocating for the use of digital payment systems to minimize the amount of cash kept on school grounds.

In response, the ZRP is working closely with school authorities to enhance security protocols and provide guidance on safer financial practices. The police are also appealing to the public for any information that could aid in apprehending the perpetrators of these crimes.

As investigations continue, the ZRP reassures the community that every effort is being made to restore safety and security in schools, ensuring a safe learning environment for all students.