2 Suspected Criminals Arrested in Southlea Park, Harare
29 May 2024
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Harare, Zimbabwe — In a significant breakthrough for local law enforcement, two suspects were arrested today in connection with a string of violent robberies in Southlea Park, Harare. The suspects, who were using a silver Honda Fit with registration number ADJ 4558, are believed to have been terrorizing residents in the area.

Arrested…the unnamed suspects

The suspects, whose identities are yet to be disclosed, were apprehended after a coordinated effort by the police. They are alleged to have been picking up unsuspecting individuals and subsequently robbing them at knifepoint. The arrests come after a series of complaints from residents who reported being targeted by the perpetrators.

The police have recovered multiple mobile phones from the suspects, which are currently being held at the police station for identification by the victims. Early investigations suggest that the suspects are from the Glenview area but were operating predominantly in Southlea Park.

Residents of Southlea Park have been living in fear due to the recent spike in such incidents. The arrests are expected to bring a sense of relief to the community, which has been on high alert. The police have urged any individuals who might have fallen victim to these criminals to come forward and assist with the identification of the recovered items.

Authorities are continuing their investigations to determine if the suspects are linked to other criminal activities in the region. The swift action taken by the police has been lauded by local residents and community leaders.