Prison Official Charged with Theft of Trust Property
29 May 2024
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Masvingo, Zimbabwe | By A Correspondent | — Shadreck Jongwe Mujati, a 43-year-old employee of the Zimbabwe Prison Correctional Service (ZPCS) Headquarters in Masvingo, has been remanded in custody following his appearance before the Masvingo Magistrates’ Court on charges of theft of trust property.

The court heard that on May 3, 2024, Proud Gengezha, also affiliated with the ZPCS, received diesel coupons from Petro Trade valued at 13,390 litres. These coupons were handed over to Mujati for safekeeping three days later, on May 6, along with additional petrol coupons worth 1,000 litres. Mujati allegedly secured the coupons in a locker, keeping the keys on his person.

However, the following day, Mujati reported to Gengezha that the petrol coupons worth 1,000 litres were missing. Investigations revealed no signs of forced entry, and Mujati was still in possession of the locker keys, raising suspicions about his involvement. The total value of the stolen coupons is estimated at USD 1,500, and none of the coupons have been recovered.

As the case unfolds, Mujati remains in custody, with the next court date set for June 24. This incident has sparked concerns about security and trust within the ZPCS, highlighting the need for stricter oversight and accountability measures.

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