Zanu PF Claims Advocate Chamisa Is A “Mere Political Clown”
29 May 2024
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By A Correspondent

In a decisive statement on Tuesday, Zanu PF Information Director Farai Marapira declared that the 2023 polls “have come and gone.”

“Elections have come and gone. Issue of elections is a foregone conclusion,” Marapira stated, emphasizing that the ruling party views the election process as complete and closed.

Marapira’s comments come amid ongoing debates and tensions surrounding the electoral process and its outcomes.

His assertion that the focus should now shift away from electoral issues to more pressing national concerns was clear.

“We are seized with nation-building matters,” he added, underscoring the party’s intention to prioritize developmental agendas over lingering electoral disputes.

In his address, Marapira did not shy away from criticizing the opposition.

He took a sharp jab at Advocate Nelson Chamisa, the leader of the main opposition party, describing him as a “political clown.”

This comment reflects the deep-seated animosity and rivalry between Zanu PF and the opposition, particularly in the aftermath of the elections.

As Zanu PF seeks to move forward, Marapira’s remarks highlight the party’s resolve to concentrate on governance and development, dismissing any further contention over the electoral process.

However, the opposition’s reaction to these statements and the potential implications for Zimbabwe’s political landscape remain to be seen.