Mnangagwa Top Spy Dies
30 May 2024
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Source : Masvingo Mirror

Feared CIO operative Gilbert Mhere based at Mpandawana reportedly died in a car accident early today.

Reports show that he died between Mpandawana and Chivhu as he drove from Harare.

Mhere will be remembered for storming Chatsworth Clinic on November 8, 2023, and assaulting Patrick Chimbare, a CCC activist admitted at the centre.

He forced the Police to handcuff Chimbare while in the clinic. Chimbare made a Police report against Mhere and John Paradza’s campaigning manager Martin Nyikayaramba but Gutu Police has to date not taken any action.

Reports from the accident indicate that Mhere was thrown out of his vehicle and suffered a fractured head and ruptured tummy.