Social Media Goes Gaga As Company Offices Are Converted To A Lodge
30 May 2024
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By A Correspondent| Social media has gone into an overdrive amid reports that Gold Star offices in Workington, Harare have been converted into a lodge.

Zimbabweans are saying this confirms that the once vibrant economy has been reduced to the ground with most corporates cutting on costs including workers.

“The head office for Zimbabwe Sugar Refinery in Workington heavy industrial area is now a lodge, which shows that lodges are now more profitable than manufacturing in Zimbabwe. It’s now called Orange Star lodge,” reads a post on social media.

Already there is an ongoing debate and banter on social media where people claim that the only viable industries in the country at the moment is opening a church or running a bottle store.

Some even argue that the most profitable businesses in the country at the moment are Delta and Econet meaning that people only spend time on social media and bottle stores.

Now lodges have also emerged at a good business due to the noise around ‘mjolo’.