Who Is Tafadzwa Chidawa Who Violently Raided Auxillia Mnangagwa’s Activist Patricia Jack
30 May 2024
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Midnight Raid on ZANU PF Activist Patricia Jack: The Controversial Actions of Tafadzwa Chidawa.

In a dramatic turn of events on a Tuesday night, Tafadzwa Chidawa, accompanied by the popular figure Mai TT and several others claiming to be police officers and CIDs, stormed a private B&B lodge in Harare. The group scaled the durawall of the establishment with the intent to arrest Patricia Jack. This bold and unlawful raid has cast a spotlight on Chidawa, revealing a complex and controversial figure involved in a web of vigilantism and contentious activities.

Tafadzwa Chidawa

#### Who is Tafadzwa Chidawa?

Tafadzwa Chidawa, also known as Detective Kedha or Boss Kedha, has a multifaceted background that spans law enforcement, politics, and vigilantism. While his exact date of birth is not publicly documented, court records from 2019 suggest he was born in 1987 or 1988.

#### Early Life & Education

Little is known about Chidawa’s early life and educational background, as such details are not available in the public domain. His journey into law enforcement and subsequent public activities, however, paint a vivid picture of his controversial life.

#### Police Career

Chidawa served in the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) until his retirement in 2019. His tenure was marked by several controversial incidents:

– **Malicious Damage to Property (2014):** Chidawa and another officer were charged with malicious damage to property, accused of smashing a commuter omnibus’s windscreen. They were remanded out of custody after paying bail.

– **Robbery Allegation (2019):** In May 2019, Chidawa, along with four other officers, was accused of robbing a money changer of US$11,000. This complex case involved the confiscation and subsequent disappearance of a portion of the seized cash, leading to their arrest.

– **Vehicle Theft Accusation (2023):** In September 2023, Chidawa was implicated in the theft of a vehicle from the ZIMRA car yard at the Chirundu border post. A police alert was issued for his arrest, adding to his tarnished record.

#### ZANU PF Political Career and 2023 Elections

In August 2023, Chidawa entered the political arena as a parliamentary candidate for the ZANU PF party in Harare. His bid was unsuccessful, securing only 3,992 votes against his opponent Shakespear Hamauswa of the Citizens Coalition for Change, who received 19,609 votes.

#### Anti-Crime Content Creation Activities

After retiring from the police force, Chidawa transitioned into a self-styled detective role, gaining notoriety through his Facebook live streams. His videos showcased him tracking and apprehending criminals, especially thieves and con artists, and exposing their methods.

– **Chadonha Incident:** A notable example of his vigilantism was the chadonha incident in Harare, where he captured two thieves attempting to deceive victims. Chidawa’s live coverage of the apprehension brought him significant attention and praise from some quarters, although it also raised concerns about his methods.

#### The Midnight Raid Incident

The raid on Patricia Jack’s lodgings on Monday night is the latest in a series of controversial actions by Chidawa. Accompanied by Mai TT and individuals impersonating law enforcement officers, Chidawa’s group breached the privacy and security of the B&B lodge, sparking outrage and legal scrutiny. This incident underscores the problematic nature of his vigilantism and the potential legal ramifications of such extrajudicial actions.

#### Controversies

Chidawa’s life and career have been fraught with controversies:

– **Legal Issues:** His numerous legal troubles, including charges of property damage and robbery, paint a picture of a former police officer with a troubled past.

– **Vigilantism:** His anti-crime efforts, while popular with some, raise significant ethical and legal questions. The recent raid exemplifies the dangerous precedent set by his self-appointed detective role.

– **Political Defeat:** His failure in the 2023 elections indicates a lack of broad support and possibly a mistrust among the electorate.

#### Conclusion

Tafadzwa ‘Boss Kedha’ Chidawa remains a deeply polarizing figure. His midnight raid on Patricia Jack, alongside his controversial history in law enforcement and politics, highlights the complexities and contradictions of his public persona. While some view him as a crusader against crime, others see him as a lawbreaker operating outside the bounds of legal and ethical conduct. This latest incident only adds to the ongoing debate about his role and impact in Harare.