South Africa Election Results, DA, MK, And EFF Upset ANC
31 May 2024
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…94.49% of the voting districts reported…

2024 South Africa National Assembly Election Results Update

By Farai D Hove | ZimEye | **Breaking News: Latest Results from the South African National Assembly Elections**

**South Africa’s National Assembly Elections: Preliminary Results Announced**

June 1, 2024

**Johannesburg, South Africa** – The South African Electoral Commission has released the latest preliminary results for the 2024 National Assembly elections, providing a snapshot of the political landscape as the counting process approaches completion. 




Voter Turnout and Validity
– **Voter Turnout**: 58.49%
– **Valid Votes**: 98.68%
– **Spoilt Votes**: 1.32%




Leading Parties and Vote Distribution
#### **African National Congress (ANC)**
– **Support**: 40.73%
– **Votes**: 5,936,384
– **Seats**: Pending final allocation
The ANC remains the leading party, though its dominance appears to be waning compared to previous elections, reflecting potential shifts in voter sentiment. 




**Democratic Alliance (DA)**
– **Support**: 21.54%
– **Votes**: 3,139,809
– **Seats**: Pending final allocation
The DA maintains its position as the primary opposition party, securing a significant portion of the votes. 




– **Support**: 14.23%
– **Votes**: 2,074,716
– **Seats**: Pending final allocation
The M.K. party has shown remarkable growth, emerging as a formidable political force. 




**Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF)**
– **Support**: 9.45%
– **Votes**: 1,377,585
– **Seats**: Pending final allocation
The EFF continues to resonate with voters, maintaining a strong presence in the political landscape. 




**Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP)**
– **Support**: 3.93%
– **Votes**: 572,355
– **Seats**: Pending final allocation
The IFP remains a stable participant in the elections, particularly in its regional strongholds. 




**Patriotic Alliance (PA)**
– **Support**: 2.08%
– **Votes**: 302,556
– **Seats**: Pending final allocation
The PA is emerging as a new contender in the political arena. 




**Freedom Front Plus (VF PLUS)**
– **Support**: 1.37%
– **Votes**: 199,747
– **Seats**: Pending final allocation
VF PLUS continues to appeal to its specific voter base, maintaining a steady presence. 



– **Support**: 1.16%
– **Votes**: 168,399
– **Seats**: Pending final allocation
ActionSA is establishing its presence with a modest but notable share of the vote. 




Other Political Parties
– **African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP)**: 0.6% (86,905 votes).


– **United Democratic Movement (UDM)**: 0.5% (72,633 votes)
– **Rise Mzansi**: 0.41% (59,817 votes)
– **African Transformation Movement (ATM)**: 0.4% (58,962 votes)
– **Build One South Africa (BOSA)**: 0.4% (58,368 votes)
– **Aljama**: 0.25% (36,044 votes)
– **Congress of the People (Cope)**: 0.24% (35,238 votes)
– **Pan Africanist Congress (PAC)**: 0.23% (33,502 votes)
– **United African Transformation (UAT)**: 0.22% (32,372 votes)
– **Good**: 0.19% (27,875 votes)
– **#Hope4SA**: 0.17% (25,187 votes).


– **African Movement for Change (AM4C)**: 0.14% (20,356 votes)

Geographical Distribution
The election map reveals varied support across different regions. The ANC holds significant sway in rural areas and several provinces, depicted in yellow on the map. The DA’s influence is more pronounced in urban centers and the Western Cape, marked in blue. The M.K. party has secured notable regions, indicated in green, reflecting its growing influence. 




Political Implications
The ANC’s reduced majority may indicate a shift in South Africa’s political dynamics, with voters increasingly turning to alternative parties. The rise of the DA, M.K., and other smaller parties suggests a more fragmented and competitive political landscape. 



### Conclusion
As the final counts are awaited, South Africa stands at a critical juncture, with these elections potentially reshaping its political future. The official seat allocations will be crucial in determining the balance of power in the National Assembly. Stay tuned for further updates and detailed analysis as the complete results are finalized.- ZimEye