Soft Coup: Drug Fueled TakeOver, Sat Soliloquy
1 June 2024
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By Dr Raymond Chamba | I dream in technicolor and today I had a nightmare that was both grotesque but crystal clear.

Dr Raymond Chamba

In a land far and far away I dreamt that a whole country had been put on ransom. All done through a most elegant, bold and bodacious takeover of power through drug use/abuse introduced by the wife, children, friends and global allies of a leader to the leader.

Wicknell Chivayo signing a contract with a group of businessmen

The children of the leader introduced their drug dealing friend to the father and thereon he got hooked and cooked. To the people of the land they wondered and were surprised as to why someone from somewhere would come so close to the leadership but the reality was that in the dream the new-comer was the real leader with connivance from his friends and their mother. The father though a leader is nothing more than a pliant drug dependent scank.

In the dream, he was occasionally brought up before crowds and would exercise his leadership by pronouncing to the crowds the most outlandish of things all not a joke but a sad indictment of his drug fuelled sickness.

Everything in the country of my nightmare was already operationally controlled by the wife, children and a network of sub leaders all fuelled and driven by drugs.

Wicknell Chivayo with the former First Family in Dubai

The conspiracy was deep and goes beyond many countries as the control was perpetrated for maximum exploitation of everything in the Kingdom. In my nightmare the dreams ended with the elimination of the drug supplier of Kings, the cleansing of the Kingdom and sidelining of all compromised sub rulers.

In my dream or nightmare I saw the ugly operation of what could be a smooth bedroom coup by drug use, abuse, spiritual incantations and accelerated smuggling of the highest order. The fat scoundrel in my dreams did it before by introducing drugs to the children of the previous ruler and buying all kinds of trinkets to the wife. I saw people with very short and forgetful memories in my dream….

The sun started shining. Crops that were wilting started coming out alive, people who were lost in their minds started believing in themselves, a Kingdom of splendour and possibility was created and recreated.

Slay the dragon. Slay the drug supplying dragon. Sideline the users, pushers and heal the affected said a voice from the deep. Don’t worry about the many parties and spiritual incantations run amok across all sacred places the deep voice boomed. It will all come to nothing. It’s playing with fire and seeking to put it down with their collective urination. They will πŸ”₯ burn the voice declared….

I woke up confused, exasperated but filled with hope for change in that dream land and perhaps all lands similarly afflicted. I just could not get one thought from ringing out of my mind…..”VANOTONGWA NEBENZI”.

Vakatanangira Mabwe Pindirai. Kuda Kwenyu Here. Pindurai Dzimbahwe….😒😒😒