Who Owns Victoria Falls, Zambia Or Zimbabwe?
3 June 2024
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Shelton Muchena, International Flora and Fauna Reporter in London | In a land where nature’s marvels reign supreme, a fierce and comical rivalry has unfolded between Zimbabwe and Zambia. The source of this rivalry? None other than the majestic Victoria Falls, a roaring wonder that straddles the border between these two nations. Join me, Shelton Muchena, as I uncover the intriguing tale of the battle for ownership of Victoria Falls, where even Mother Nature seems to delight in their squabbles..

Victoria Falls views from.both sides – image credit Havok Live

Once upon a time (well, not really, but close enough), in the heart of Southern Africa, lay a magnificent masterpiece of nature – Victoria Falls. With its thundering cascades and ethereal mist, it captivated the imaginations of all who beheld its splendour. But as is often the case with treasures of this magnitude, a dispute arose over its ownership.

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Zimbabweans, with their unwavering pride, laid claim to the falls, proudly proclaiming it as a symbol of their nation’s beauty. They pointed to the fact that the majority of the falls lie within the borders of Zimbabwe, and thus, it rightfully belonged to them. They marvelled at the sheer power of the falls, finding solace in the knowledge that this awe-inspiring wonder was their own.

However, just across the mighty Zambezi River, Zambians begged to differ. They argued that the falls belonged to Zambia, for it was their land that provided the best vantage points to witness its grandeur. They boasted about the stunning views from their side, where the falls seemed to dance and shimmer under the golden African sun. They claimed that the falls were an integral part of their tourism industry, drawing visitors from far and wide to witness its majesty.

Adding to the complexity of the situation is the historical context. Victoria Falls was named by the Scottish explorer David Livingstone, who discovered the falls in 1855. At the time, the area was ruled by the local indigenous tribes. However, in the late 19th century, the British colonised the region, which later became known as Rhodesia. After gaining independence in 1980, Rhodesia became Zimbabwe. Zambia, on the other hand, gained independence in 1964. This historical backdrop adds another layer to the debate over ownership.

As the debate raged on, the falls themselves seemed to chuckle at the absurdity of it all. For they knew that they were beyond the ownership of any nation. They belonged to the world, a gift from nature that defied borders and boundaries. The falls laughed as Zimbabweans and Zambians bickered, their voices drowned out by the roar of the cascades.

While Zimbabwe may have the majority of the falls within its borders, it is important to note that the views from both sides offer unique perspectives. Zimbabwe’s proximity allows for a closer encounter with the falls and a breathtaking view from the famous Devil’s Pool. On the other hand, Zambia provides a wider panorama, showcasing the falls in all their glory. Both countries offer different experiences, ensuring that visitors can appreciate the true magnificence of Victoria Falls.

And so, the battle for ownership of Victoria Falls continues, with Zimbabweans and Zambians locked in an eternal tug-of-war. But perhaps, just perhaps, it’s time for both nations to set aside their differences and embrace the truth – that Victoria Falls is a shared treasure, a symbol of the unity and beauty of Southern Africa. Let us celebrate this natural wonder together, appreciating its power and splendour, regardless of national borders.

Shelton Muchena, signing off from London, where the roar of Victoria Falls echoes in my heart.