The Gang That Can’t Shoot…
5 June 2024
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By Dr Raymond Chamba | Leadership Failure. Failure To Govern. Failure to Care. Failure to do all the small things. In other words even the most fickle and politically prostituitous people out there (one Eddie Cross) who can change his public position with any new deal says it clearly to all…

The idiomic lion attacked with tomatoes - graphic
A lion pelted with tomatoes- graphic

The Second Republic has failed the people and as a result the people will not, and should not fail to remove it. This is as clear as daylight even in the most seemingly insurmountable of circumstances. The administration in the minds of most objective people is as good as gone. They know it themselves. The Last Supper Syndrome has kicked in and they have even stopped pretending that they do have any reputation to protect and barnish. At every given opportunity they even tempt fate and dare the populace to do anything with them…

Dr Raymond Chamba

The Second Republic has been a spectacular failure. With great expectations and endless goodwill they rode into leadership. Everyone wished them well from citizens, global foes and regional allies and they have all but squandered all the positive energy. All cosmetics of responsibility have all but melted. It’s a civic responsibility to stop this political BBL Republic….

We agreed to and were elated to see elected and selected old faces singing new songs of liberation, good governance, transparency. We imagined them better statesman even though some of their past records were a natural performance of the devil. Now we are left in no doubt that we rallied behind incompetent kleptomaniacs and village idiots one cannot be at ease and trust in fairly presiding over simple grazing disputes back in the communal areas.

It’s the proverbial gang that can’t shoot. They don’t deserve the constitutional courtesy of going through their current term much less the public chutzpah and indulgence into imagining extensions to the same. Here is a government that’s a clear and present danger to the livelihoods of ordinary citizens. For how long can we countenance known thieves and incorrigible liars to run roughshod over our basic expectation of an administration that’s geared
to “serve” all and equally before the law.

The dark clouds of mass insurrective instinct are gathering on the horizon. The natural reflex to die on your feet rather than your knees is everyday gaining momentum. They are stealing so much that to keep it in order and rapacious appetites in check is by itself creating internal family ructions and factions. The first and formidable political schisms are within same bloodlines as the satanic impulse of unbridled secular avarice has all imagining that this orgy of gluttonous indulgences must find continous expression without let.

The only responsible civic responsibility is to meticulously note and document the current and out of control rivers of corruption upon the once great nation. Characterising it as failure to serve is a very diplomatic expression of grotesque failure to lead, govern and keep the baser instincts of these villagers run amok in check. These “VENE” must be stopped and in all credence by all moral and legal means necessary.

In my best Chikaranga performance…..
Vana mupazhura murwainga nokutsetsera nomugoti….nhundira maturi, anagwenya nemigoti, anadzvina mamota nokukwekweta hurwa nemiromo….vazvijaidzwa zvekufurisa madzihwa neshashiko dzemakombwe…

Nhaka gwendo gwuno gudo rakwira mawere ane nhanzva… ichava dzemutsemu yamagaro, kubaya muforo mugombo rebhinya … Kana museve wodenyama unoenda woga musango…changove chivaraidze gononzverwa reguyo ratsikwa nekatsi….


Dr Raymond Chamba