BREAKING: Police Officers Caught On Camera Collab-ing Armed Robbers
6 June 2024
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Officers Collaborating with Armed Robbers in Goromonzi

By A Correspondent | Goromonzi, Zimbabwe | ZimEye | – Police officers in Goromonzi have been caught on camera allegedly collaborating with armed robbers. The footage has gone viral, showing officers failing to explain why they arrested a robbery victim, Clark Makoni, at Juru Police Station.

Makoni, who was ambushed and robbed, was detained overnight without a clear explanation. The video shows Makoni confronting Officer Vherendi on live camera, demanding answers for his wrongful detention.

“Officer Vherendi, I want to know what is happening. I have spent a full day inside here. These are my things; I am making a recording. I am live. I slept in this way in the cells; I am at Juru Police station,” Makoni says, visibly distressed.

Another officer is heard in the background, speaking in hushed tones, seemingly pleading with Makoni to stop recording. However, Makoni persists, questioning the officers’ actions.

“What’s going on? Please tell me, how is this happening? Someone has to be answerable. I came to report a case; I was ambushed, people came to rob me, I have got money in my bag. How is this happening? The car being used belongs to Commissioner Tembo, that’s what’s going on. Now I have been locked up again, because no police officer can answer my questions. I spent the night in here, after I made a police report. I am the one who came to the police. The people who tried to rob me are the ones who the police let go, and now I am the one who’s spent the night in here. I have all my clothes, I have everything, my bag,” Makoni continues.

As of now, no official comment has been made by the police regarding this incident. The community is demanding an immediate investigation and justice for Makoni, who has highlighted a potential scandal involving local law enforcement and criminal elements.

This story is developing, and further updates will be provided as more information becomes available.