Opposition MP Challenges Mnangagwa Administration to Fix Bad Roads
7 June 2024
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By A Correspondent

On Thursday, Hon. Mutsa Murombedzi, the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) PR MP for Mashonaland Province, took a firm stand in Parliament, urging the government to address the deteriorating condition of roads in the Mhondoro area.

Her call for action underscores a broader concern about the state of infrastructure across Zimbabwe and the consequent risks to public safety.

Murombedzi highlighted a pressing issue that has been plaguing the nation: the unsafe and poorly maintained roads. In her address, she emphasized the direct correlation between the condition of the roads and the increasing number of traffic accidents.

“The poor state of the roads across the country has contributed to the rise of accidents,” she stated, putting a spotlight on a critical public safety concern.

Her remarks come at a time when the Mnangagwa administration is facing growing criticism over its handling of infrastructure development.

The state of the roads, in particular, has been a recurring complaint among citizens who have to navigate pothole-riddled and often unpaved routes, which not only damage vehicles but also pose significant hazards to motorists and pedestrians alike.

Murombedzi’s advocacy for road repairs is not just about improving transportation; it is also about safeguarding lives.

The increasing accident rates have led to loss of life and injuries, burdening the healthcare system and causing economic strain for families affected by these tragedies.

Her plea in Parliament was a call to prioritize infrastructure investment to mitigate these risks.

The CCC MP’s call to action highlights a broader narrative of accountability and governance.

By challenging the Mnangagwa administration, Murombedzi is pressing for transparency and efficiency in the use of public funds allocated for infrastructure.

The state of the roads is a visible and tangible measure of governmental performance and public service delivery.

As the debate over infrastructure investment continues, it is clear that the issue of road maintenance is not just a matter of convenience but one of urgent public safety.

The government’s response to this challenge will be closely watched by both citizens and political observers, as it will reflect the administration’s commitment to addressing the immediate needs of its people.

In the meantime, Murombedzi’s advocacy serves as a reminder of the critical role that elected officials play in voicing the concerns of their constituents and holding the government accountable.

Her efforts to bring attention to the condition of roads in Mhondoro and beyond are a vital part of the democratic process, ensuring that the voices of the people are heard and acted upon.