Ambassador Hamadziripi Assures Warriors Not True That “Tapera”- We’re Finished
9 June 2024
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Ambassador Hamadziripi Says the Warriors Are Not Defeated Despite Recent Loss

By Sports Reporter | ZimEye | Zimbabwe’s Ambassador to South Africa, Dr. David Hamadziripi, has issued a rallying call to the nation’s football team, the Warriors, affirming that they are far from finished despite their recent loss. Dr. Hamadziripi’s remarks come in the wake of a disappointing 2-0 defeat to Lesotho, which has sparked concerns and criticism, particularly given the new coach’s name, Tapera, which means “we are finished” in Shona.

Addressing the Warriors at a luncheon organized by the Zimbabwe Embassy in South Africa in partnership with Zimbabwean football legends, Dr. Hamadziripi encouraged the team to move past the loss and focus on their upcoming World Cup qualifier against South Africa in Bloemfontein on Tuesday.

“We played well yesterday despite the results. We live to fight another day on Tuesday in Bloemfontein. We will be there,” Dr. Hamadziripi assured, emphasizing that the team’s spirit remains unbroken and their journey far from over.

Lincoln Mutasa, chairman of the ZIFA Normalisation Committee, echoed these sentiments, dismissing social media claims that the team was shunning government support. He expressed gratitude for the assistance provided, which has been crucial in maintaining the team’s operations, especially during their preparations for the upcoming match.

“A very big thank you for the warm welcome you have shown to us. His Excellency will escort us to Bloemfontein. We are unable to play at home but playing away from home has enabled us to meet our diaspora community. The majority of the players are coming from the diaspora community. We are grateful for what the legends led by Alexander and Peter Ndlovu are doing for us,” Mutasa stated.

He also highlighted the critical role the government has played, citing an example of the embassy’s intervention in resolving passport issues for players. “We had a good reception in Rwanda facilitated by the government. We had a player who had no passport but the embassy came on board,” he noted, reinforcing the collaborative effort between the team and government.

As the Warriors shift their base to Bloemfontein, their focus sharpens on the critical match against South Africa’s Bafana Bafana. Despite the recent setback, Dr. Hamadziripi’s words serve as a reminder that the Warriors’ journey is ongoing and their potential undiminished. The team remains determined to rise above challenges and make their mark on the World Cup qualifiers.

The upcoming match is seen not just as another game, but as an opportunity for redemption and a chance to demonstrate the resilience and fighting spirit of Zimbabwe’s national football team.