Chivayo Tears Apart Zanu PF
11 June 2024
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By A Correspondent

In the heart of Zanu PF, a storm is brewing, fueled by the steadfast support of Wicknell Chivayo’s ardent followers amidst the mounting tension within the party. The controversial businessman, known for his flamboyant lifestyle and questionable dealings, has found resolute defenders in the face of scrutiny from within his own political circles.

Recent events have shone a light on the intense loyalty that some individuals hold for Chivayo, as they rally around him despite the turmoil he has sparked. Supporters of the businessman, often referred to as sympathizers, have taken proactive measures to shield him from criticism, leading to a clash of opinions and a testing of allegiances within the ranks of Zanu PF.

One of the most notable incidents that have contributed to the escalating discord within the party involves beneficiaries of Chivayo’s generosity, particularly those who have received cars from him.

In a bid to shield their benefactor, these individuals have resorted to aggressive tactics, such as threatening members of WhatsApp groups and expelling dissenting voices from the platform.

The tensions came to a head when DJ Masomere, a prominent figure within the party, voiced his frustrations over the actions of Muchina Muhombe, who was questioning the authenticity of Chivayo’s actions.

“King tokudzurai pano*,” DJ Masomere fumed, highlighting the stark division that has emerged within the party as a result of Chivayo’s controversial actions and the ensuing defense of his supporters.

Amidst the chaos that has engulfed Zanu PF, a poignant observation has been made by some critics of Chivayo and his loyalists. They argue that an empty stomach and a gluttonous mind are not the hallmarks of good political advisors.

This statement underscores the concern that blind allegiance and personal gain may be clouding the judgment of those who choose to stand by Chivayo, regardless of the controversies that surround him.

As the turmoil within Zanu PF continues to escalate, it raises questions not only about the character of Wicknell Chivayo but also about the integrity of those who vehemently defend him. In a political landscape already rife with challenges and divisions, the unyielding support for a figure like Chivayo threatens to further destabilize an already fragile environment.