Senior Detective Attempts Suicide Over Mounting Pressure To Testify In High Profile Case
11 June 2024
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By A Correspondent| A senior police officer at Juru Police Station has testified that a colleague, Detective Inspector Mazorodze, attempted suicide due to the mounting pressure to testify in the high-profile case against Clark Makoni.

The case involves allegations that Courage Moyo, Anesu Muzira, Luckson Kandemiiri , Tonderai Bosha and Campbell tried to commit robbery using a vehicle belonging to Commissioner Assistant Wonder Tembo.

Makoni is currently facing attempted murder charges and is set to appear for a bail hearing today at the Murehwa Regional Court.

“Mazorodze is being threatened and forced to testify to things that are not true. He has been receiving numerous calls from senior officers, whom I cannot name, putting him under immense pressure,” a close source from the Juru Police Station told our reporter.

The source also revealed that Detective Inspector Lunga has now been instructed to testify in the matter, which has a strong connection to the issues Makoni is facing at his mining operation.

The developments come after a recent video went viral of Makoni complaining about his unlawful arrest. In the video, Makoni claimed he was the victim of an attempted robbery while using Commissioner Tembo’s vehicle.

“We are very shocked that Mazorodze, the investigating officer, tried to take his own life over the Makoni case,” the source added.

The high-stakes case has drawn significant attention, with the attempted suicide of the investigating officer further highlighting the intensity of the pressure surrounding the matter.